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Streamlining Dental Business Operations through EDI

The National Dental EDI Council (NDEDIC) is a not-for-profit association of diverse stakeholders working together to streamline dental business operations, reduce costs and improve patient service by effectively exchanging data electronically. Through a recent reorganization, we are significantly accelerating our efforts to standardize and advance electronic data interchange (EDI), leading the way to transformational change in the business of dentistry.

As a voice for the dental industry, we promote adoption of electronic claims, remittance, and eligibility transactions in several ways:

  • Educating the industry on the value of using electronic transactions and the importance of standardizing them.
  • Providing guidance for successful implementation of EDI for provider/payer information exchange.
  • Recommending revisions to existing EDI transactions to meet dental industry needs.
  • Developing new dental EDI standards to meet business challenges.

Diverse Stakeholders Collaborating for the Good of All

The work of NDEDIC is accomplished through our members who bring diverse expertise and perspectives to the table to develop EDI solutions that benefit all dental stakeholder groups. Payers, dental practices, practice management system vendors, claims processing vendors, clearinghouses, third-party processors and others are all represented. NDEDIC provides the forum for discussion and problem solving, as well as a valuable opportunity for networking and sharing lessons learned.

Through the volunteer efforts of our members, NDEDIC has moved the needle toward an electronically connected dental community, but much still needs to be done.

A "New" NDEDIC Empowered to Accelerate Change

  • Today, NDEDIC has the leadership and structure to focus on its strategic initiatives and leap frog into a new generation of execution.
  • Reengage with the "New" NDEDIC.
  • Reimagine the Future of Dental.
  • Revolutionize the Industry.

The Time Is Now!

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