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NDEDIC Development Process

Poised to Play More Significant Role

There are many organizations and several processes involved in creating and modifying transactions used to support dental EDI. NDEDIC and NDEDIC members play a role in these processes, and we are poised to play an even more significant role in the future.

Through collaboration in our multi-stakeholder work groups, NDEDIC explores the data exchange challenges experienced by business and technical staff in the dental industry, and develops EDI solutions with benefit for all stakeholder groups.

NDEDIC work groups have historically provided excellent opportunities to become educated about EDI and network with other dental professionals implementing EDI. Work group participants have also proposed and promoted ways to adapt existing healthcare transactions for use in the dental space. That will continue. Today, however, NDEDIC is stepping up to a new level of leadership as an innovator of standardized EDI solutions for dental.

Formalized Consensus-building Process

NDEDIC has adopted a structured work group format and a consensus-based process for introducing and examining issues as well as developing and voting approval of NDEDIC-authored, industry EDI solutions.

Outcomes with Industry Support

The NDEDIC consensus-based process helps ensure balanced stakeholder representation, consideration of multiple perspectives, and ownership in outcomes with industry-wide support. Outcomes of NDEDIC work group initiatives may be:

  • Recommending potential modifications to existing transactions and code sets to the appropriate Standards Development Organization (SDO), Designated Standards Maintenance Organization, or code set administrator.
  • Publishing EDI best practices and implementation guidance.
  • Developing and recommending new dental EDI standards and transactions.

Voting Process

Read more about the voting and approval process for NDEDIC standards and guidance. Information on upcoming ballots, including deadlines for NDEDIC members to "opt in" the voting group and for non-members to register to submit comments, will be posted on our home page.

Healthcare EDI Standards Development

Where do EDI standards come from and how do we change them?

What is Consensus?

NDEDIC is moving to a formal consensus-building process for developing industry EDI solutions. Here is a quick reference to what consensus is, what it is not and what it requires.

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