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Your average daily patient volume is:
The percentage of your patients covered by insurance is:
Average number of claims per patient:
The number of days in a week you see patients:
The number of weeks in a year you see patients:
The average annual salary of your billing employee(s) is:

Paper Billing:
Number of minutes to generate a claim and place it in an envelope:
Cost of paper, ink, and envelope per claim:
Postage per claim:

Electronic Billing:
Number of minutes to transmit a claim:
Cost of electronic transmission of claim: Per Claim Per Month
We calculated that
Your Total Annual Insurance Claim Volume is: total claim vol
Your FTE billing employee's per minute salary rate is: per min salary
Costs Incurred and Savings Realized - Paper vs. Electronic:
Paper Electronic
Labor costs:
Ink and stationary costs:
Postage costs:
Electronic transmission:
Cost per claim:
Yearly costs:
paper filing
elec filing
Your hours per year savings by sending claims electronically:
Your cost savings per claim by sending claims electronically:
Your cost savings per year by sending claims electronically:
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