Frequently Asked Questions

What is NDEDIC?

NDEDIC (pronounced en-ded-ic) stands for the National Dental EDI Council. NDEDIC is a not-for-profit association of diverse stakeholders working together to streamline dental business operations, reduce costs and improve patient service by effectively exchanging data electronically. NDEDIC develops best practices for use of electronic data Interchange (EDI) transactions in dental and promotes the value and increased use of EDI by the dental industry.

Who is involved in NDEDIC?

Payers, dental practices, practice management system vendors, claims processing vendors, clearinghouses, third-party processors, consultants and others involved with dental business transactions are all represented in the NDEDIC membership. Both technical and business staff are involved.

Why should I get involved with NDEDIC?

Real-time EDI holds value for everyone involved in delivering dental care. NDEDIC is the place to learn more about how EDI can benefit your dental business operation and how you can best implement EDI. It’s the place to network with other industry stakeholders adopting EDI to share implementation challenges and solutions. By participating in NDEDIC work groups, you also have a voice in developing and refining EDI transactions to meet your needs. Learn More.

Who can participate in NDEDIC work groups?

Both NDEDIC members and nonmembers can participate in NDEDIC work group meetings, but only members have voting privileges. It is important for both business and technical representatives of all stakeholder groups to participate in work groups so all perspectives are considered. Learn More.

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